Our therapy offers

We consider people from a holistic perspective and join the thousands of years old ancient healing methods of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine with our modern concepts.

Corresponding to the comprehensive and holistic diagnosis according to western psychosomatic and traditional Chinese point of view, we develop an individual focused care concept for each patient.

"Health is much more than not being sick!"
Beside the therapy, illness prevention and health education are both key components of this multidimensional concept. From the very start our patients will be integrated and strengthened in their self-responsibility.

“From Psychosomatic to Somato-psychik"
As part of our conceptual orientation as a clinic for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, we treat patients with chronic physical illnesses whereby the complaints can be expressed both physically and mentally.

On the following pages you will learn which clinical indications can be treated and which cannot.  In addition, we will introduce our treatments and therapies such as psychotherapy, Chinese medicinal therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, Tuina, Qigong, nutrition and dietetics and physiotherapy.