Welcome to TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting

The expectations and key concerns of the patients that visit our clinic are, ease of pain and healing, revitalising of quality of live, including the development and the preservation of health. It happens often that our patients suffer from chronic health disorders and the physical complaints, which affect psycho-emotional stress. We know of these connections and have a variety of offers for all the different questions and diseases.

In Bad Kötzting we combine the traditional Chinese medicine with the methods of so called “Kneipp-Therapy”. Our competent team, which will care for you, is consisting of German and Chinese doctors, therapists, nurses and coaches.

We offer you an entire multi-stage treatment concept:

It doesn’t matter, if you are interested in a stationary visit in the TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting, an ambulant therapy in the ambulance of the TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting or increase your quality of live with the IGM Lifestyle Programme, you’re always at the correct place with us. Or do you want to escape the usual daily stress and need a time for yourself? In Hotel Sonnenhof Lam we offer you everything, what you need for a relaxing vacation.


TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting


Since 1991 the TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting is an institution about traditional Chinese medicine.

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Akupunktur in der Ambulanz der TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting


SINOCUR® Ambulanz is a private outpatient department connected to the TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting. Our experienced TCM-Therapists will take their time for you! 

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Lehrküche im IGM-Lebensstilprogramm SINOCUR

IGM® Lifestyle Programme SINOCUR®

The IGM Lifestyle Programme SINOCUR will be supporting you with a system to lose weight and how to reduce your stress level.

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Hotel Sonnenhof in Lam

Hotel Sonnenhof Lam

In Hotel Sonnenhof Lam you got the options to relax and be active in sports in a beautiful countryside.

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Eine Frau arbeitet am Laptop im TCM-Gesundheitsportal

TCM-Health portal

The TCM-Health portal is used as a personal health record, so you got your health status always under control.

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Infos for doctors and pharmacies

Here you can find information about stationary admission and treatment procedure with Chinese medicinal drugs.

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Let us advise you on the various offers without obligation. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions!