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Due to the long-term scientific research activities in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, the TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting was named in 2010 as the University Hospital at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, appointed by TCM University of Beijing.

On the German side, scientific research accompanies the Competence Center for Complementary Medicine and Naturopathy at the leadership of Mr. Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Dieter Melchart.

Long-standing partner of the TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting is the Verlag Systemische Medizin * , one of the leading specialist publishers for traditional Chinese Medicine.
In China, people and their health were seen, treated and advised more than 3000 years ago within their overall network of relationships. Health education, motivation and patient participation were crucial factors for maintaining health and healing. We can justify the systemic thinking of the Chinese with current scientific knowledge of biology and physics. Verlag Systemische is responsible for using this knowledge in all areas of medical care today medicine *.
* formerly publisher for holistic medicine Dr. Erich Wuehr

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