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About IGM®-Campus

The three letters IGM® stand for individual health management – meaning that everyone has their own health largely in their own hands. The pillars of the IGM® lifestyle program are nutrition, exercise and stress management, but value-based lifestyle and other location-specific methods are also implemented. In the IGM® lifestyle program, every participant receives information and methods on how to implement and achieve their goals effectively and sustainably. Body, mind and soul are brought back into harmony. He is accompanied and supported on his way to more health and quality of life by trained IGM® health coaches.


The focus is on strengthening the participants personal responsibility and health literacy. The goals in the IGM® lifestyle program are health promotion, disease prevention and patient training for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases as well as consequential stress.


IGM®-Campus is a project that builds on scientific foundations and also creates new scientific knowledge through its own randomized-controlled studies. The Deggendorf University of Technology (THD) – Competence Center for Complementary Medicine and Naturopathy (KoKoNat) is the leading network partner here, but the places involved also exchange information with each other. For the participants, this has the advantage that the IGM® health coaches have access to a huge pool of scientific knowledge and experience. The participants are taught the contents and methods in the IGM® lifestyle program in so-called “blended learning”. The program is therefore diversified, consisting of face-to-face classes, self-learning phases, interactive units and video recordings as well as group and individual coaching. A central component is the online health portal, in which the participants can document and understand their goals and progress. This portal can therefore be used as an individual, digital health record for every participant – all information from the program is available anytime and anywhere.


The IGM® campus network currently consists of the competence center for complementary medicine and naturopathy (KoKoNat) of the THD in Munich and the five Bavarian health resorts:

1 Bad Alexandersbad
2 Bad Kötzting
3 Bad Tölz
4 Bad Wörishofen
5 Thermenstadt Treuchtlingen

Project funding

The IGM®-Campus project is financially supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care (from funds for the quality development of Bavarian health resorts) and by the health resorts involved.

Scientific support and results

The IGM® lifestyle program is accompanied by:

  • Competence Center for Complementary Medicine and Naturopathy (KoKoNat) of the Technical University Deggendorf under the direction of Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Dieter Melchart
  • Health campus of the Deggendorf University of Technology under the direction of Prof. Dr. Erich Wühr

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