Treatment possibilities

In cases where inpatient treatment is not necessary, the therapeutic methods of traditional Chinese medicine as well as psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy can also be carried out under outpatient conditions. Especially in less severe treatment cases, e.g. For example, holistic pain therapy can be carried out in our TCM outpatient clinic. But even in multimorbid cases and / or in the case of unstable clinical pictures, less intensive outpatient treatment is recommended in order to avoid overstimulation due to a too high therapy frequency.

In certain cases it is not possible to assess the need for inpatient treatment without an examination. In these cases, inquiring patients are then offered a pre-inpatient holistic indication clarification.

In the outpatient clinic of the TCM-Klinik, we continue to look after our patients even after an inpatient stay and thus guarantee continuous support.

In the outpatient clinic TCM Ambulanz you will be treated with the healing methods of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that are thousands of years old. This medicine includes extensive holistic diagnostics, Chinese drug therapy, acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese medical massage technology (Tuina therapy), respiratory and movement therapy (Qigong) and balanced dietetics (nutrition). At the center of our efforts is the patient with his need for healing and maintaining health.

With our TCM health portal, you have many options for an individual health check-up and independent prevention and health development. Use our online test on the left to determine your individual TCM constitution types. Depending on your constitutional type, you will receive nutritional recommendations for your personal health care (yangsheng).

The statutory health insurance companies do not bear the costs of outpatient treatments and examinations at the TCM clinic in Bad Kötzting. These are calculated according to the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ) depending on the time and examination effort.