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The IGM® lifestyle program in Bad Kötzting has its own name: SINOCUR®. The program combines the best of two worlds:
SINO is derived from Sinology, Traditional Chinese Medicine.
CUR stands for the classic and proven Kneipp applications.

Both medical systems attach great importance to avoiding illness, the patient’s personal responsibility and natural treatment – and can therefore be combined so well.

Program sequence

The program is scientifically supported and will support you on your personal path to a healthier lifestyle in 12 months. The first three months are the most intensive in the program:

We start with the screening and entry-level program: on three consecutive Saturdays, so-called health days, we lay the foundations for exercise, nutrition and a healthy way of dealing with stress.

This is followed by the everyday program: ten weeks with after-work practice seminars on a fixed weekday. Here you will find further information on the subject areas already mentioned, as well as Kneipp, traditional Chinese medicine and value-oriented lifestyle. Everything theoretical is put into practice immediately. The intensive training week is implemented as a fasting week, which you can also do at home.

Now you have all the tools you need to implement your healthy lifestyle independently. This is followed by the maintenance program, the final nine months. With the TCM health portal you are supported to observe yourself in your everyday life and to draw consequences for your behavior. From now on we meet quarterly (again on Saturdays) on so-called refresher days to repeat content and get you back on the right track if the direction is lost.

During this time, we will of course not leave you alone:
We support you intensively via e-mail about your individual progress, which you document in the TCM health portal.

Are you having difficulty implementing the content at any time in the program or do you need other support? Our IGM® health coaches are e.g. also available for individual coaching or individual nutritional advice.

Your Benefit

By participating in the IGM® lifestyle program SINOCUR® you get added value for your entire life:

Check your health
You can recognize at an early stage whether there are risk factors or indications of a weak immune system, stress disorders, diabetes, hypertension and overweight and can counteract them in a targeted manner.

Plan lifestyle improvement
You will learn how to analyze and optimize all protective factors for strengthening your health (e.g. exercise, nutrition, stress management, defense, heat regulation).

Practice a healthy lifestyle
You learn to strengthen your health (body, mind and soul) in a targeted manner and to supplement conventional medical therapy with naturopathic treatments in the event of a disease (e.g. in the form of self-help techniques and medical treatments).

Group Start

You can see the next group start in the column on the left, but we start about every two months with a group of about 15 people. This way, each participant receives the individual support that he needs.

Do you want to improve your quality of life?

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IGM® lifestyle program SINOCUR®:

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