Range of services

Base salary value and lawful surcharges

A basic daily salary value of € 251.67 was agreed with the lawful health insurers from 01.02.2019.

The following lawful surcharges will be charged separately from 01.01.2020:

  • DRG system surcharge of 1,66 € per case
  • QA surcharge of 1,13 € per case
  • Training surcharge of 90,09 € per case
  • G-BA system surcharge of 2,24 € per case

 Optional services

  • Single room 70,00 €/day
  • Suite (2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 living room, balcony) 150,00 €/day
  • Medical services according to the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ) or analogous to GOÄ
  • Provision of bedside nursing – billed according to effort
  • Surcharge for accommodation and meals for accompanying companion (without medical reasons) in the patient room: 71,00 € / day.

Legally insured patients

The cost coverage is regulated by a supply contract with the lawful health insurance companies. In accordance with § 39 (4) SGB V, health insurance patients are obliged to pay the clinic 10,00 € / day for a maximum of 28 days within a calendar year for a maximum of 28 days from the start of hospital treatment after the admission contract has been concluded.


Private patients, persons entitled to benefits, legally insured patients with no or only partial coverage and other patients count as self-payers and have to make an advance payment in the amount of the basic salary plus the optional benefits every 10 days.

The lawful supplements per case are payable at the start of treatment.