In our concept, we have defined the principles of our work and our dealings with one another. We stand up for these values and are guided by them for the successful treatment of our patients:


The TCM Klinik Bad Kötzting is an integrative clinic project in which, since 1991, the European-naturopathic expert knowledge and the diagnosis and therapy system of traditional Chinese medicine of the TCM University in Peking, which has developed over thousands of years, have been working together in a conventional medical setting.

Emphasis of therapy

We treat people with disease patterns, of whom we can say after 20 years of experience and scientific research that our offers and efforts are promising.


The focus of the efforts of all clinic employees is on patients with their needs for relief and healing of their ailments and diseases.

Face-to-face encounter

In an appreciative and trusting atmosphere, people meet at respect as equals.

Quality of life

Many people who come to the clinic have a long history of suffering and are looking for ways away from pain, helplessness and despair. The aim of all efforts is to support the patient in regaining hope and to recognize how they can bring about an increase in quality of life in addition to the therapeutic offers, especially on their own initiative.