TCM-Health portal

The TCM health portal is a central component of your inpatient treatment in the TCM-Klinik and also participation in the IGM® lifestyle program SINOCUR®.

Use the health portal for your self-observation, as a training tool for your health-promoting goals, as a personal health record or as a planner for preventive examinations.

You will receive your individual health report through quarterly health checks in the form of online questionnaires. All your risk and protective factors are shown on the so called “health traffic light” and show at a glance where you still need to work on yourself and which strengths you can further develop. You will also receive information about your personal health risk for diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes mellitus and burnout.

Our hospital patients and program participants receive personal access to the portal for the duration of the treatment / participation.

Do you want to extend your access? Then contact us contact!