Information for pharmacies

Generally, our patients receive a discharge prescription for a decoction from a mixture of Chinese medicinal drugs. He can hand this in to the pharmacy of his choice and receives packets with daily doses, which he can have processed into a decoction or prepared at home. Other dosage forms such as B. Drops or creams are formulated and manufactured by pharmacies for the patient.

There are now a number of pharmacies in Germany that offer Chinese medicinal drugs. If a pharmacy does not know where you should get the Chinese medicinal drugs from, we will be happy to give you sources of supply.

The TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting has been working with sinoMed GmbH & Co. KG, a pharmaceutical wholesaler approved for Chinese medicinal drugs, for more than 25 years. SinoMed imports Chinese medicinal drugs directly from China and is the exclusive supplier of the TCM-Klinik in Bad Kötzting.

All medicinal drugs are examined for identity, purity, quality and freedom from harmful substances according to the state of the art in science and technology.