About TCM Klinik Bad Kötzting

TCM Klinik Bad Kötzting, which is the first German clinic for traditional chinese medicine, is a government recognized hospital that has been founded 1991.

Speciality about our hospital is the connection between psychosomatic and traditional chinese medicine. Our hospital is an integrative project, in which our Chinese doctors offer the patient the highly competent diagnosis system, that was devoloped over thousands of years and the associated methods of traditional Chinese medicine in a conventional medical setting.

All our Chinese Doctors and Professors are here from the TCM-University Peking and their affiliated university clinics. They are responsible for the TCM-Therapy.

At the same time, the German treatment team provides an optimal connection with modern psychosomatic medicine, which comprehensively captures the patient and offers him a lot of help for initiative and coping with the disease.
If necessary, conventional medical measures and Western naturopathic treatments are used.

The medical concept requires a high level of professional expertise and multi-professionalism from the team of doctors and therapists. The German medical team has specialist qualifications in the psychosomatic, internal medicine and naturopathic fields.

In recognition of decades of research, teaching and clinical treatment, the TCM Klinik Bad Kötzting was officially named University Hospital at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 2010.

We think that with our clinic concept we can offer you a successful combination treatment of SOMA (body) and PSYCHE (soul), which is unique in Europe.

Do you want to be hospitalized?

Find out more on our website about the procedure for admission to the TCM clinic in Bad Kötzting.