How to reach us

Please discuss with your psychotherapist or family doctor or specialist whether your clinical picture is suitable for treatment in the TCM clinic in Bad Kötzting and whether medically necessary inpatient hospital treatment is available. If these requirements are met, your doctor will issue you with a hospital admissions certificate.

Because of the special features of psychosomatic and traditional Chinese medicine, we have a special information sheet available for your doctor. Your referring doctor will receive medical information there that is of particular importance for inpatient treatment in our clinic. Incorrect instructions can be avoided and the acceptance of treatment in the TCM Clinic Bad Kötzting can be increased. Please let us know the address of your doctor so that we can send him the documents directly.

We recommend this further procedure for admission to the TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting:


1. Please fill out the registration form to assess the inpatient treatment option completely and carefully. You can find the registration form at following link.

2. Please obtain copies of all available medical records (examination reports, etc.).

3. Please have your attending statutory health insurance physician issue a hospital briefing for the TCM-Klinik in Bad Kötzting.


Send us all documents (No. 1 to 3) in an envelope (please do not submit them separately!). Please do not forget to provide your full contact details.


Our doctors use your documents to check whether inpatient treatment is necessary and whether our treatment concept is suitable for you. You will receive a written message from us. Depending on the status of the patient registration, there may be longer waiting times before admission. We ask for your understanding.


Subsequently, please present your health insurance company’s briefing form and our confirmation of admission. Due to our treatment concept, a previous declaration of assumption of costs by your health insurance company is necessary. Your health insurance company has your application for the cost of inpatient treatment in the TCM-Klinik Bad Kötzting quickly, at the latest up to three weeks after receipt of the application or in cases in which an expert opinion, in particular from the medical service of the health insurance (medical service), decision is made within five weeks of receipt of the application. If your health insurance does not decide on your application within these statutory periods, it will be considered approved.